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Kindle Vella Self-Publishing: Is it Worth Your Time and Investment?

Kindle Vella Self-Publishing Journey
Kindle Vella Self-Publishing Journey

As a writer, the opportunities for publication have never been more abundant. The days of submitting your work and waiting, sometimes for months or even years, is over. You have more control over your work and creating a passive income flow.

The more challenging news is there are a lot of self-publishing outlets that misrepresent what they can offer and you end up spending more than you make. On the other hand, if you choose to do the work yourself through self-publishing avenues like Amazon KDP, Apple Books, or Barnes & Nobles Press, you have to learn how to market and share your publication on your own, which can be time-demanding and confusing.

Out of curiosity, I've decided to explore Amazon's Kindle Vella publishing platform and share what I learn with other writers. I love a good project and want to help fellow wordsmiths who are interested in non-traditional publishing pathways. I'll be chronicling my experience through blog posts that will include the initial set-up, creating a book cover image, how to market your writing, and much more.

Follow along for step-by-step information on my Kindle Vella experience. Most information I share, especially about marketing and publication, will translate to other self-publishing platforms.

For this project, I'll be sharing a short story collection mystery titled "Langston, Georgia." Here's the introduction on Kindle Vella:

Welcome to Langston, Georgia, a quaint town in the Appalachian Mountains. In 1997, 10 year old Richie Asher leaves home and disappears, causing the once close-knit residence to question what they know about friends, neighbors, and the rehabilitation home for priests on the edge of town. Twenty years later, another child disappears. Through each short story, the past actions and tightly held secrets of the Langston residence are revealed, exposing the toxic impact of distrust and disinformation.

You can read new episodes of the collection as they're released: Langston, Georgia: A Short Story Collection Mystery

Make sure to subscribe to the blog for updates on this self-publishing adventure. Let's get started!


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