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Lisa Heidle,
Writing Coach

Lisa Heidle Author and Writing Coach

Do You Need a Writing Coach?

  • Do you feel blocked?

  • Is your work-in-progress stalled?

  • Do you think better "out loud"?

  • Are you uncertain of the direction to take your writing?

  • Are you hungry for guidance in your writing life?

  • Have you lost the joy in writing and creativity?

  • Do you need feedback on your writing?

  • Do you want to learn more about the craft of writing?

Rev. Michelle de Beauchamp

“Lisa is a phenomenal writing coach! She gives great content and insight while also stretching you as an individual to reach your writing goals. She does this with immense compassion and care.


I have gained so much wisdom, clarity, deep insight, courage, and confidence with working with Lisa on my writing. I feel like I have a true mentor and coach walking alongside me in this process and encouraging me to reach all my writing goals.”

How We Work Together

No two people approach writing in the same way. Each person I work with has their own fears, insecurities, and hopes that they bring with them. 


Through my own process and by working with other writers, I’ve found the solitude inherent in writing can often stifle creativity. The myth of the hermit-like writer who doesn’t need or desire support is still deeply embedded in our culture. It negates the fact that many writers need to externally process a project in order to move it forward, especially more intuitive and introverted creators. 


In the coaching process, I support clients by asking the right questions to help them unlock their own answers. Together, we remove layers of conditioning and resistance that has caused them to procrastinate, stall in the creative process, and often abandon potentially successful writing projects. 


Together, we clarify and organize ideas, exploring different approaches to the project. Insights and information into the craft of writing, techniques, styles, structure, and character development are included in the coaching sessions. I find that once the writer begins to use their own voice in the creative process, the narrative voice in their writing project naturally emerges. 


Since each client has their own unique challenges and personal demands, we collaborate in identifying their goals and creating a writing plan that takes into account their schedule, intentions, and commitments. As we work together, I provide structure, advice, feedback, and accountability. The client courageously invests in themselves to unlock their writing. It’s an exciting journey we share.

Let’s Work Together

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