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with Lisa Heidle

Welcome!  I am an intuitive reader who works with Tarot and Oracle cards, energy, and other aspects of the unseen.  

I offer 30 minute recorded Readings,  60 minute recorded Readings, and 2 hour LIVE Readings.


I practice empathic energy reading and soul connection.  My intention is to create a shared space where we can connect with your energy, explore the cards, and open up to insights that lead to self-reflection, clarity, and empowered decision-making. 

For those of us committed to a path of personal growth and self-discoveryunderstanding the cyclic nature of life helps us tap into our energetic and sub-conscious states. Doing so enhances our well-being and transformation.

Yet, in our go, go, go world, taking the time to connect to a deeper level of communication and attend to our physical, emotional, and energetic selves is rarely a priority.  

If you need clarity on 





From those who have received Readings from me, the best compliments I receive are 

"I feel so much better! It's as if my energy has been cleared!"

My intention is to do the same for you. 

  • next steps in your life

  • why you feel stuck

  • a different perspective on an issue in your life

  • how to locate and remove barriers to the life you want to be living

Lisa's card reading was unlike any card reading I had experienced before. She's highly intuitive, empathetic, and warm. Before we even began talking, her insights were completely accurate. I found her reading extremely supportive and insightful, and have continued to think about the messages she received long after our session was over. It was more than a reading or channeling, it was an energetic shift that happened. I felt deeply understood. If you're looking to learn more about yourself and gain greater clarity, while talking to an understanding, funny, and wonderful person, go to Lisa! 

-Kara L., Radically Whole

I offer 30 and 60 minute recorded Readings, and 2 hour LIVE Readings.  The 30 and 60 minute Readings are recorded and sent to you via email within 72 hours of booking. 

The 2 hour Reading is Live via Zoom. The Live Reading will be recorded and you will receive the

video link within 24 hours.

It will be available for download to your device for 1 week after it's sent. 

Tarot Readings
Bodhi Tree

30 Minute Reading:

COST: $75.00

The 30 Minute Tarot and Oracle Reading explores any 1 topic of your choosing where you seek clarity. Through the Tarot and  Oracle cards,

we seek a deeper understanding on personal, professional, or relationship issues to support you in finding insight to  guide you on your unfolding

life path. 

In the 60 Minute Tarot and Oracle Reading we dig deeper into your energy and/or a topic of your choice. We explore diverse perspectives and issues that require a bridge from where you are today and where you want to go. We energetically delve into what is blocking you or a situation with a focus on how you can empower yourself in all aspects of your life. 

Hands and Diamond

60 Minute Reading:

COST: $150.00

Third Eye Hand

2 Hour Reading:

COST: $250.00

In the 2 Hour Live Reading, we go even deeper into your energy through channeled messages I receive before and during our session. We use the Tarot and Oracle cards to explore the knowledge and wisdom you seek to support your healing and understanding. We search for the  ways you are holding yourself back, giving your power away, and dimming your light. You receive insight into how you can face problems directly, connect with your potential, and commit to your continued growth. 

How to Book a Reading:

  • Fill in the contact form below with your full name and email address

  • Add the offering you would like in the Subject form. For example, 30 minute Reading, etc.

  • Once I receive your Reading request via email, I will respond with a  confirmation email containing the information you need to complete the process. 

  • Please note that all Readings are done via Zoom and recorded. You will need a Gmail account to receive your recording link.

  • You will receive an invoice for full payment before you receive your recorded Reading. 

  • Payment is received via Venmo or PayPal. The payment information will be sent to you via invoice at time of booking.

  • These are a non-refundable offerings. 

Terms & Conditions

Service Agreement:


By making this purchase, you agree to all terms below:

1. You are18 years of age or older.

2. Information is for entertainment purposes only.

3. If needed, you will seek therapeutic, medical, legal, career, and/or financial support from a trusted professional in these fields.

4. You take full personal responsibility for your decisions and release Lisa Heidle from any liability and/or damages caused by your choices.

5. All sales are final.


Reading Policy:




REFUNDS: These are non-refundable service offerings.


RESCHEDULES FOR LIVE READINGS: You have the option of 1 reschedule per booked LIVE session. The reschedule must be made no less than 48 hours of scheduled time. Requests or attempts to reschedule more than once will result in the non-refundable session being forfeited.


NO-SHOW FOR LIVE READINGS: If a scheduling conflict does not allow you to attend your scheduled LIVE Reading and you are unable to reschedule at least 48 hours before your reading, your reading will be recorded and sent to you via email.


All payments made for Readings are non-exchangeable and non-transferable for other services. If you wish to purchase a Reading for someone in your life, please indicate that information when you are booking the Reading.

Book a Tarot Reading

Tarot and Oracle Readings are intended for entertainment purposes only. Any information shared should not be interpreted as therapeutic, medical, legal, career, and/or financial advice. Any person or entity interacting with printed, live, or recorded content is responsible for their own actions or inactions.

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