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There's nothing like the thrill of being in the creative flow, but sometimes tapping into the muse is challenging. That's why we're sharing regular writing & creativity prompts to help you get the creative juices flowing.

Use these prompts to write a flash fiction piece, a short story, poem, or novel. Use them to create a video or podcast. Draw or paint a picture, weave it into a rug, make hand-puppets and act them you use them is up to you! 

Today's Prompt:

Imagine your own country and write down everything you can think of about it: its size, geography, terrain, climate, population, currency, flora and fauna, politics, etc. Create a postage stamp for this country and a postcard to send from it. Keep going if you want, creating illustrations, maps, or stories about it.

(From The Trickster's Hat by Nick Bantock)

More Writing & Creativity Prompts

  • Your biggest fear is transformed into a human being and wants to have a conversation with you. 

  • A couple is on their honeymoon and the husband realizes his new bride only married him for his money.

  • Your favorite word and a word you dislike.

  • You live alone and one morning, you go into the kitchen where there is someone you've never met cooking breakfast. 

  • An unknown person sends you a new phone with instructions not to turn it on until New Year's Eve, 3 years from the date you received it. 

  • You are physically ill. You have a secret that if shared will cure you, but destroy the life of someone you love.  

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