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Over the past 10 years, I’ve built a digital business working in collaboration and consultation with creatives, small businesses (product and service offerings), and nonprofits by supporting clients in building a successful online presence.

What I know after a decade of working with this new era of entrepreneurs and creatives is that they are smart and determined. They want to be empowered. No longer putting their success or failure in the hands of others, they're betting on themselves. 


Their desire to understand, implement, and integrate digital tools to share their products, creations, and services is where I come in. Brainstorming & Ideation Sessions,  Website and Social Media Platform(s) Fitness Checks,  1-on-1 Tutorials on how to improve your website and social media platforms, Website Design and Development, and Content Creation Packages that include basic and advanced social media content creation and newsletter writing are all service offerings you'll find here.  


One struggle writers, artists, solopreneurs, and digital workers encounter is the lack of interaction with others in their field. Too much solitude and lack of creative conversation can lead to mental fatigue, cloudy thinking, and stagnation. 


A Brainstorming and Ideation Session is a great way to gain clarity on a personal, creative, or business issue. Together, we identify the core issue, generate ideas, and prioritize key action steps.

Here are key questions that can help you decide if a Brainstorming & Ideation Session is right for you:

  • Is it easier for you to find a solution to aissue or gain clarity when you "think out loud"?

  • Are you ready for a personal or business change, but not sure which direction to go?

  • Are you struggling to clarify your service offerings?

  • Are you ready to share your creation, product, or service, but struggle to identify your clientele or customer base?

  • Are you struggling to see the forest for the trees when it comes to marketing yourself or your business?

  • Do you find yourself doing many things, but none of them are taking you where you want to go?

If you think a Brainstorming & Ideation Session is just what you need, reach out and schedule time today! 

Brainstorming and Ideation Session


Creatives and entrepreneurs rarely lack great ideas and the energy to bring them into fruition. Where they tend to struggle is clarifying the steps needed to take them from that initial spark of inspiration to a clear action plan. Whether you're an author, artist, small business owner, or service provider, clarity is key.  

During your consultation, we work together to identify 5 key factors:

  • Your personal and/or business short and long term goals

  • Your ideal online persona or brand

  • What sets you apart in your field

  • Content and development

  • Growth and sales goals


By identifying these key factors, we will be able to clarify and streamline what is needed to help you achieve your goals. By the end of our consultation, you will have insight into the next steps for an online marketing strategy, including social media marketing, and clear action steps to take in order to build a foundation that will be strong enough to support your success. 

5 Key Factors Consultation
Website Fitness Check


A Website Fitness Check Consultation is an in-depth assessment of your existing website.

Why does  your website need a Fitness Check?

Many individuals and businesses spend hundreds to thousands of hours and dollars to design and develop their website, yet they are unaware if it’s set-up or working properly. Poorly written content, confusing usability flow, broken links, lack of or weak SEO, or no call-to-action means lost clients and revenue for the website owner. A Website Fitness Check can ensure that your investment is working for you, not against you.

What does a website Fitness Check include?

  • Written Content Check

  • User Flow Check

  • Technology Check

  • Search Engine Optimization Check

  • Follow-Up Consultation

Once the Website Fitness Check is complete, you will receive an in-depth analysis report, clear recommendations, and actionable steps to take.

Social Media Fitness Check


A social media presence is vital in establishing your brand image, promoting a business, or expanding an audience.

With the introduction of paid verification on many social platforms, it’s more important than ever to know what is and is not working across your social media channels.


A Social Media Fitness Consultation includes an evaluation of key areas, such as account profile(s), performance,

target audience, paid ads, content, and posting strategy, that are working or need improvement.


Once these strengths and weaknesses are identified, you will receive an in-depth data report with action step strategies to boost your online social media presence and create results.

1-on-1 Tutorials

Having an aesthetically pleasing and well-branded website and social media platforms is important for your online foundation and success. Not knowing how to use these tools can dilute your money and time investment, leaving your confused and uncertain how to move forward. 

One-on-one tutorials on how to edit and update content, change images, and expand your website as you grow can save you money. Learning social media platforms best practices can help you know where to focus resources, energy, and your valuable time. 

If you want to learn more about what your WIX or Squarespace website can do and the power of your social media platforms, reach out and schedule a consultation today. 

1-on-1 Website Tutorials

Website Design & Development

For artists, writers, healers, small businesses, and service providers, your website will be the largest and best investment you'll make. A website designer and developer should create a stunning website with simple navigation for your user. 

One rule of thumb is that if your user can't answer these 3 questions, an opportunity to connect has been lost: 

  1. Is this the right place? 

  2. Can this person or business meet my needs?

  3. What's my next step? (Call to action)


The moment your user lands on your homepage, they decide if your offerings are right for them. A stunning or clever website is only as powerful as it's ease of navigation. A good design will not only reassure your users that you have what they need, but support them as they explore your website, leading to customers or clients reaching out or purchasing your product. 

This applies to desktop and mobile versions. Mobile website usage has caught up with desktop users, and is predicted to continue growing. It's imperative that your website design be as appealing and work as effectively on the mobile version as the desktop. 


Working in tandem with a professional website is proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO improves your users experience, including ease in finding your products or services. What sets me apart from other designers and developers is the integration of SEO in the design cost, saving you money down the line. 


Listening, connecting, and communicating in order to conceptualize a website that reflects your unique personality and service offerings or products is where we begin. Creativity, strong communication skills, innovative design, and technical know-how ensures timely delivery for your website design and development. 


If you want to learn more about collaborating with me on a WIX or Squarespace website, reach out and schedule a free initial consultation. 

Website Design and Development

Content Creation Packages

In my business, one complaint I hear often is the intense frustration and overwhelm with social media. There's confusion about account set-up ("I don't know if I did it right!"), how to develop a brand identity, and the time demands of consistent posting. I get it. You didn't become a [insert your service, creation, or purpose here] so you could spend your days and nights trying to get likes, comments, and follows. 

That said, content creation for your social media platforms and marketing is how your customers and clients connect with you. It sets the tone for your services or products. It's why they connect with you, choose you, and return to you. Quality and on-brand content can make you. Unappealing or confusing content can stop growth in it's tracks. 

With the integration of paid verification on many social platforms, spending too much time attempting to "find" your social media brand identity wastes your energy, valuable time, and money. With the Social Media Packages, we will develop the initial brand identity and tone of your social media platforms. Creating a clear and consistent brand image on your social platforms will make it easier for you to post regularly. You might even start enjoying the creative process! If you decide to hire a social media creator and/or manager, the onboarding process will be seamless when they understand the design and brand direction you want to go. 

Spend less time trying to clarify your social media identity and more time on the things that light you up!

Content Creation Packages

Package 1

The Basic Social Media Creator Package includes:

  • Set up of 1 social media account or audit/edits on 1 existing account

  • Brand identity including colors and fonts

  • 3 Social Media Post Creations

  • Post descriptions with hashtags

Package 2

The Advanced Social Media Creator Package includes:

  • Set up of 2 social media account or audit/edits on 2 existing account

  • Brand identity including colors and fonts

  • 10 Social Media Post Creations (5 per platform)

  • Post descriptions with hashtags

  • 2 Blog Posts or 1 Newsletter

  • 2 Hour 1-on-1 Tutorial on how to create brand consistent content 

Last year I worked with Lisa to develop a website for myself. This was the first site I had ever created for myself. The result was an elegant, user-friendly, streamlined site that just perfectly reflected the image I wanted to share with the world. It can be altered as my life and career change and is just a beautiful centerpiece of my web presence. Lisa is an experienced, creative, capable expert in design and web tech, easy to work with and, as a fellow writer, knows the needs and potential of the arts community. If you require access to her considerable skill-set, then you would be making a mistake if you did not choose to work with her.

She has my full recommendation.

Clayton H. Ramsey

Freelance Writer

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