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Tarot Workshop with Lisa Heidle:

Saturday, September 17, 2022
10 to 12pm Pacific Time



Workshop is full

Join Lisa Heidle, author, editor, and Tarot aficionado in this 2-hour Tarot Workshop that

explores the Major Arcana and your intuition.


The Major Arcana represents the "Fool's Journey", the path we all must travel in order to reach self-actualization. Each card mines and exposes our consciousness, behaviors, personal experiences, and life patterns. Yet, no two paths are the same, so each Tarot reading you do will be different. That's where your intuition comes in.


This Tarot Workshop will take you from The Fool (beginning) card through The World (completion) card. You will learn the themes and symbolism embedded in the cards. And by learning about the 22 cards, you will build a foundation that will allow you to integrate your personal intuition and persona into your readings. 

Throughout the workshop, we will be doing card pulls and mini-readings to engage with the Major Arcana and listen to your intuition. 

In this workshop:

  • The Major Arcana cards and their meanings

  • Different representations in Tarot decks

  • Tapping into your intuition during a reading

  • Explore how your intuition speaks to you

  • How to do readings for yourself and others

  • How you can use Tarot to connect deeper with yourself and others

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NOTE: This is an Online Session. All participants will need access to a computer.

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